2023 Events

June 12th @ 7pm - OCX at 24th Street Stage

June 29th @ 8pm - OCX at South Beach 

July 2nd @4pm - OCX at Oceanhouse

July 7th @TBD - OCX at Scandals

July 13th @ 8pm - OCX at South Beach

July  24th @7pm - OCX at 24th Street Stage

July 28th @ 7pm - OCX at Wyndham

July 29th @ 8:30pm - OCX at Back Bay

August 11th @8pm - OCX at Vanguard

August 17th @8pm - OCX at  South Beach 

August 30th @7pm - OCX at 17th Street Stage

September 23rd @1pm - OCX at 757 Battle of the Beers Festival

September 28th @8pm - OCX at South Beach 

October 12th @8pm - OCX at South Beach